Activity Flow Sequentec EMS


User details

  • Management — Management Can view all financial reports and assign to user roll.

  • Faculty — Faculty fill the attendance to student and enter the marks in examination module. Reserve the books in library module and Check reports.

  • Staff — Staff handle admission, fee and transport module and its reports.

  • Guest Faculty — Guest Faculty assign to marks and attendance of students.

  • Students — Student Can check your attendance, marks and reserve the book in library module.

  • Parents — Parents Can check all information related to your child e.g. fee , attendance, marks, transport route, address etc.

What is Sequentec EMS?

  • Sequentec EMS is a Lan/Wan enabled ERP designed for educational / training institutions.

  • Sequentec EMS seamlessly integrates all the key processes of an educational institute

  • Sequentec EMS enables timely and creative analysis of data to facilitate effective decision making.


Sequentec EMS’s unique strengths helps users derive maximum benefit:

  • Comprehensive automation (10 modules) and integrated system

  • Real time data management and processing

  • Automatic database updates during promotion

  • Limited Incremental Investment

  • Need based access rights to different users

  • Flexible Modules – Pick and Choose modules

  • User Friendly


  • Improved Work/Process Flow
    • Faster information flow
    • Responsive decision making
    • Reduced errors
    • Minimal duplication of work

  • Substantial Savings
    • Manpower
    • Time
    • Ultimately financial

  • Improved Quality of Interaction
    • Parent - Institute
    • Teacher - Teacher
    • Student - Teacher
    • Intra Institute: Teachers, Administrators

Improved Teacher Effectiveness – greater focus on teaching less on time consuming administrative functions

Student Reports

  • Student information report

  • Enrollment no. list

  • Fee group list

  • Category wise

  • Religion wise

  • State wise

  • Country wise

  • Nationality wise

  • Handicap list

  • Semester wise

  • Shift wise

  • Admission mode wise

  • Activity reports

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