Content Management

Content Management is a collection of decision rights, policies, processes and technologies required to use, manage and maintain information and documents as an enterprise wide resource. Enterprise wide information and content management is all about optimizing the process, content and people relationship.

Sequentec understands inter and intra departmental information and documents flow, what systems it touches, and what processes it drives. Sequentec provides a comprehensive content and document management solution that comprises technology, experience, expertise, and clear understanding of the difficulties associated with implementation of a company-wide content management solution to help company tackle the issues and challenges of enabling Information Governance and other related business contexts.

Our Enterprise Content Management solutions help create, store, revise, distribute and control electronic information resulting in greater efficiencies across organizations.

Enterprise Content Management covers:

  • Document management

  • Records management

  • Collaborative content management

  • Enterprise search

  • Compliance

  • Email management

  • Input and scanning solutions

  • Process management

  • Form processing

  • Web content management
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