Life Insurance Management System

Life Insurance is the fastest developing industry in the world. The availability of high-end technology has helped insurance companies to grow business and deliver excellence to customers.

We have developed our Insurance Enterprise Resource Planning Solution around the customer delivery points because we believe everything we do in the business is for following reasons:

  • * To Serve Customers Better
  • * To Increase Revenue
  • * To Optimise Cost
  • * To Manage Risk
  • * To Prevent Fraud
  • * To Enhance Efficiency

  • Insurance ERP is a powerful tool that provides information at your fingertips with fully-configurable, flexible and business-friendly dashboard. It enables multi-channel agency operations and salesforce management.

    The Insurance companies have the benefits of lower operational costs, speedy customer service and reach customer to cross-sell and up-sell other products. Stakeholder can also give feedback and request to design tailor-made products for its customers.

    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership through operational excellence

    Optimize operations across the entire business lifecycle, through streamlined and automated processes, workflow management and seamless integration to all other applications. We provide unique configuration flexibility that will allow you to react quickly and accurately to market and regulatory changes.

    • Inbuilt Workflow Management
    • Inbuilt Customer Relationship Management
    • Inbuilt Document Management
    • Inbuilt Business Intelligence Platform

    Enabling the digital future of insurance

    Start the digital transformation of your life insurance business and provide hyper-connectivity from anywhere any time. Our core policy administration suite for the life insurance market can be deployed on premises or on a open and flexible cloud service platform. In this way insurers can now enjoy all that our ERP offers, combined with the advantages of the cloud.

    Insurance Management System Modules

    We customize Life Insurance Management System exactly as per the company's requirement and align to best practices and processes. You will be glad to include the following features for your insurance ERP, however you can pick and choose modules according to your need.

    Customer Relationship Management
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Marketing & Sales
    Helpdesk & Support
    Agency Management
    Asset Management
    Retail Selling
    Material Management
    VIP Insurance
    Premium Billing
    Premium Billing
    Project Management
    Project Management
    Procurement Management
    Procurement Management
    Financial Management
    Financial Management
    Policy Administration System
    Policy Administration System
    Document Management
    Document Management, Underwriting
    HR & Payroll
    Human Resource Management
    Time & Expense Management
    Fraud Detection
    Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence
    Asset Maintenance
    Asset Management
    Claim Management
    Claim Management

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